Marital Conflict

It is bound to happen: whenever two people are in a marriage, conflict will necessarily arise.  What is the difference between normal conflict and conflict that leads to divorce?

Each couple can withstand different amounts of conflict.  It is safe to say that when the situation becomes so painful, so frequent, and so toxic that either party just can’t see the marriage continuing, then that marriage is in crisis.

When all your best efforts have been exhausted, it is time to find the attorney who is right for you.

Divorce or Legal Separation

Children Worries

Your kids may have asked you if you two are getting a divorce.  While tensions are hight and the prospect of divorce looms, children can tell something is not right with their parents.

Conflict between you and your spouse has you worried about the well being of your children.  Even though you try your best to keep the conflict away from them, they know that something is deeply wrong.

Please take this opportunity to consider whether it is best to stay together for the sake of your children, or is staying together in fact hurting them?  If you are ready to make a decision, we are here to assist you.

Child Custody and Visitation

Financial Concerns

Studies show that finances are the number one reason a couple divorces.  When a couple decides to get married they go from separate households to a joint household with corresponding income and expenses. 

The transition from separate households to a joint household is not without its challenges.  Sometimes the couple just cannot seem to see eye to eye on their spending and savings. During marriages, one party may not trust the other.  Financial assets may be hidden away without the other spouse knowing about it, secret spending may be happening, and clandestine debt being racked up.  Even personal loans to family members may be a point of contention between spouses.

When these issues cannot be worked out, it is time to choose an attorney.  We at Law Offices of James Chau are here to help.

Property Division and Spousal Support

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