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San Jose Family Law

San Jose Family Law Attorney, California

The San Jose Family Law Offices of James Chau offers a variety of law-related services. From divorce, legal separation, child support, and child custody, there are a variety of services my family law firm offers. Family matters are often so intricately personal by nature, that an understanding of the law is not enough. With that being said it's even more important to have family law attorney that specializes in family law, understands your particular situation and will fight for you and your family! Please call today to schedule your free consultation.

Flat Fee Divorce

Santa Clara County Affordable Uncontested Divorce

One of the most popular services I offer to clients is a flat fee for Uncontested Divorce in Santa Clara County. The San Jose Uncontested Divorce Lawyer office of James Chau specializes in this service. Clients really appreciate the fact that they have set fees which they can anticipate when determining their budget. The benefit of an uncontested divorce is the antagonism of a traditional divorce is lessened. The parties have essentially agreed to all the major portions of their divorce and need an attorney to formalize the settlement.

Why do the parties need an attorney? Well, with anyone who has experience using the court system, the attorney can skillfully navigate the court system as well as ensuring that your legal rights are still being kept in mind. Please call my office today to see if you qualify for a low cost, affordable San Jose Uncontested Divorce.

Limited Scope Representation

San Jose Family Lawyer - Limited Scope Representation

Another exciting popular service I offer to my clients is flat fee or pay as you go limited scope representation. In my San Jose Family Law offices, I keep in mind the fact that for many clients, full legal representation is just not financially possible. Other times, a client feels that they have their case under control and prefer to represent themselves, and want to seek the consult of an attorney prior to an important hearing or motion. I structure this pay as you go service so that you can still get the benefits of an attorney by your side just when you need it.

Please contact my office today if you wish to learn more about this exciting service I offer clients. Don't go to court without representation!

Prenuptial Agreement

San Jose Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer

Many times clients will come to my office and ask me how to best protect their assets in the unfortunate event of a divorce. In my San Jose Family Law offices, my philosophy with prenuptial agreements is that it is similar to life insurance. Nobody wants to use it, but it may come in handy in the worst case scenario. This is an area where often times clients expect an attorney to rubber stamp a prenuptial agreement which they have poorly drafted. This is just not possible, as a prenuptial agreement is a complex contract which must be legally binding.

If you have assets which are worth protecting, please do not consider drafting your own. By some money now, you may be losing thousands upon thousands later by a poorly constructed agreement.

Modification Orders

San Jose Child Support Modification Lawyer / San Jose Spousal Support Modification Lawyer / San Jose Child Custody Modification Lawyer

Perhaps you took a new job and are now making significantly less than before, or perhaps your ex spouse which you are supporting has just gotten married. These are all circumstances when a modification is necessary to make sure that your orders are current and equitable. I help clients to ensure that they receive a fair shake when it comes to orders.

In my San Jose Family Law offices, I ensure that the most current and up to date financial information is used for orders. In regards to child custody, if any significant changes have occurred you should speak to an attorney immediately to ensure your child's best interests are at heart.

LGBT Family Law

San Jose Domestic Partnership / San Jose LGBT Lawyer

As California continually expands the rights and privileges for domestic partnerships and LGBT couples, the laws involved have become as complicated as to their traditional martial counterparts. With the laws becoming increasingly mirroring that of traditional marital couples, LGBT partners must seek competent, fair, legal advice as their opposite sex counterparts.

In my San Jose Family Law offices I work with LGBT clients to ensure that their legal needs are served with compassion and dignity. If you are thinking of starting a domestic partnership or wish to end one, proper legal planning is key. Effective legal representation will ensure that your rights are preserved and your wishes are fulfilled within the law.

The Law Offices of James Chau will effectively represent your concerns and ensure that your valuable legal rights are preserved and enforced. Call me today to schedule an appointment.

Domestic violence

San Jose Restraining Order Lawyer / Domestic Violence

Restraining orders are one of the most effective arsenals that an abused person can use in protecting themselves against harassment and violence. With that being said, to get one placed requires a skilled attorney who can advocate for you and go to court for you. At my San Jose Restraining Order Law Office, I seek to help abused individuals gain a sense of security and empower them to stop the cycle of violence.

In other circumstances, if someone is attempting to place a restraining order on you, you need competent legal representation to ensure that the order is not granted. A restraining order can have devastating effects on your life, it can show up in your background report, and can show up when you get pulled over by the police.

In my San Jose Family Law offices, I often see that divorce and domestic violence can unfortunately go hand in hand. Please do not let yourself be a victim.


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