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My San Jose divorce lawyer firm is dedicated to listening to and understanding your needs when it comes to divorce. My goal is to help you to find your best possible outcome and a brighter day.


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The San Jose Family Law Offices of James Chau offers a variety of law-related services. From divorce, legal separation, child support, and child custody, there are a variety of services my family law firm offers. Family matters are often so intricately personal by nature, that an understanding of the law is not enough. With that being said it's even more important to have family law attorney that specializes in family law, understands your particular situation and will fight for you and your family! Please call today to schedule your free consultation.

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San Jose Divorce, Separation & Nullity Attorney

The first thing someone contemplating divorce needs to determine is whether they want to seek a traditional Divorce, Legal Separation, or in rare instances an Annulment. I help clients with the entire process in determining what type of petition to file and what legal impacts may result from each type. I care for each and every one of my clients and want to truly see them with their best possible outcome. I am not seeking to "destroy" the other party or to make them suffer, I seek to help my clients move on with their life and seek out a brighter day.

You may be losing out on significant legal rights if you do not consult an attorney prior to your divorce. Please contact San Jose Family Law Offices of James Chau today. Rest assured that I will handle your case competently, aggressively, and compassionately.

Domestic Violence

San Jose Spousal Support Attorney

Family and kidsOne of the most important areas that clients come into my office asking about is, can I get spousal support? If so, how much can I get? These are questions that I help my clients answer. Spousal support is important so that the supported party can receive support to help them move on with their life.

In my Santa Clara County Family Law office, I help clients get a fair amount of support so that they have support as they make this significant transition in their life. My San Jose Family Law offices can help you get temporary orders in place to support your standard of living and take care of your family during your divorce.

Working your way through the complicated process is not easy. As a competent family law lawyer I will fight for your legal rights. Ensuring that you get the support you are entitled to is my greatest satisfaction

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San Jose Child Custody Attorney

Family and kidsIf you have children, custody of the kids can be one of the most contentious and complicated aspects of any divorce proceeding. Where property is a numbers determination, often custody is determined through the "best interests of the child." This standard is oftentimes ambiguous and confusing standard for anybody to determine.

I have experience in the Santa Clara County Family Law, Court system and can help guide you through the often confusing process. I work tirelessly to ensure that my clients get the best possible outcome when it comes to their most precious children. I enjoy helping fathers get the custody rights they deserve.

In my San Jose Family Lawyer offices, I seek to establish custody orders with minimal damage to the children. I can help you maximize your chances of getting what you want when it comes to the welfare of your children. Do not lose out on your custody rights by delaying on seeking professional advice.

Domestic Violence

San Jose Child Support Attorney

San Jose child supportI help clients receive the child support their precious children deserve. In the San Jose Divorce Lawyer offices of James Chau, I represent clients in establishing child support, as well as modifying amounts. A Santa Clara County Child Support Lawyer must be competent with the local guidelines and local procedures for establishing the proper amount in Santa Clara County.

I also work with clients who are seeking to ensure that the child support amount is set at the correct amount, which takes into account the correct income and expenditures of both parties. I can help you maximize your chances of getting what you want when it comes to the welfare of your children.

Domestic Violence

San Jose Property Division Attorney

DogOne of the most important aspects of a Divorce in Santa Clara County and California is that California community property rights are adhered to. Although parties in a divorce proceeding may agree to any property division they wish, full knowledge of those rights is important in making that decision. All too often, parties who start off thinking they have a simple divorce, come to realize that the "simple divorce" is not so simple after second thought.

Please be informed about your rights before signing your divorce papers. Don't let your mistakes cost you thousands of dollars. I help clients with contentious property settlements so that the result is fair and equitable to all parties. My San Jose Family Law offices can help you so that your property rights are fair and legal.


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