Grandparents Visitation Rights

Recently, an article concerning the Connecticut Grandparents Visitation Rights Task Force began drafting legislation that will help grandparents gain more rights in Connecticut. The Task Force is comprised of representatives from the Aging, Judiciary and Children’s committees of the state Legislature, representatives from the Department of Children and Families, and included judges and lawyers who work in related fields.

The body of lawmakers and professionals met to hash out legislation to address the issue of grandparents and their rights to visit with grandchildren. The article states that when there is a stable marriage, often the grandparents have their time with their grandchildren. However due to modern strains of divorce and separation, grandparents are often left out after this family law event.

The article states that the members of the task force had difficulty determining whether the third party rights would be specifially attached to grandparents or would it cover relatives such as aunts and uncles or siblings. Currently, it is undecided at this time as to whether or not the task force will draft one piece of proposed legislation that covers all third party visitation or one that specifically addresses grandparents.

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