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Our Approach

At Law Office James Chau, kindness and compassion are here to help you get the legal representation you deserve.  We understand the confusion, emotions, and concerns that come with divorce and family law matters, and are dedicated to providing you the best experience in Silicon Valley.  PERIOD!

Our Story

A San Jose Divorce and Separation Lawyer. We have been practicing since 2008.  During this time, we have specifically focused on family law to become experts in the field.  We believe in integrity, affordability, and communication as keys to honest interactions with clients.

We Serve a Diverse Clientele

Living in the Silicon Valley, we are lucky to live in a place with people that come from all over the world.  We are pleased to serve a diverse and multicultural clientele that reflects the diversity of the San Francisco Bay Area. 

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We understand that different clients from unique cultural backgrounds often have specific needs. We are sensitive to your unique needs and have experience in many different cultural practices.  We are proud to have a wide breadth of experience in a diversity of clients who go through a San Jose Divorce matter. 

We at the Law Office of James Chau have experience in serving clients from all walks of life and as representative of Santa Clara County.  Each client that we serve from Indian and South Asian Americans, to Mexican and Spanish American clients, to Chinese and Vietnamese clients are all treated with respect as valued clients.  

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We are pleased to offer full service Santa Clara County, San Mateo County Family Lawyer and Alameda County Child Support Custody services.

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